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Red Hearts and Roses

Red Hearts and Roses

$ 275.00
Calling all red lovers! I had so much fun making this tree.
Red Jewelry is easy to find and offers a great variety of
shapes and sizes. The great, round, center rose really stands
out while the red heart and bow are fabulous, too. The
frame measures 26 ½” X 22 3/8”.
My art pieces are created from jewelry pieces I obtain from
estate sales, garage sales, my own jewelry box, and the
generosity of friends and family. I also buy from retail stores
all year long. You’ll find me there for any clearance sales of
jewelry. I clean the pieces in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner
before using.
My next stop is thrift stores where I love to purchase frames
to reuse &/or recycle. After cleaning and sometimes
repainting, they are ready-to-go. They’re not perfect, but I think they are full of charm.
Custom orders are available on a limited basis. They include my jewelry, the buyer’s jewelry, and their
personal ideas. I limit the number of orders because these pieces take time to create.

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